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Radio 3FACH
Corporate Design

Corporate Design Volière

At the Volière, a mild breeze blows even on the hottest summer day: The summer bar is run by Radio 3FACH and is located on Lucerne's Inseli directly on Lake Lucerne.

logo, poster, menu, product design, social media, sticker

IG Kultur Luzern

Cultural Summer

Discover different cultural venues and experience a colourful, surprising and creative cultural programme in Lucerne. Be it via new formats or live. Inside and outside the city.

Website, Poster, Advertisement

Kunsthoch Luzern

Webseite Kunsthoch

Kunsthoch Luzern is the action day of 28 art institutions in and around Lucerne.

Wohnwerk Baugenossenschaft Luzern
Corporate Design

Corporate Design Wohnwerk

Wohnwerk Luzern aims to build the living and working space of the future in and around Lucerne.

Logo, annual report, stationery, business cards, flyer, website

Restaurant Drei Könige
Corporate Design

Redesign Drei Könige

The restaurant «Drei Könige» is located in Lucerne's Bruch district and is known for its excellent cuisine and enjoyable, wine-filled hours.

Logo, Posters, Menu, Website


Event posters "Neubad"

The Lucerne-based interim use project regularly presents its events in the form of posters on the streets of Lucerne.

Magma Triennale
Editorial Design

Magma Triennal #3

The Magma Triennial entered its next round in April 2021, presenting a fascinatingly diverse spectrum of contemporary painting.


Sozialdemokratische Partei Stadt Luzern


Campaign design for the initiative "Nein zur Würzenbachmatte" on behalf of the SP City of Lucerne.

Poster, Flyer
Freie Arbeit
Editorial Design

"Heroes" David Bowie

David Bowie created the most radical records of his life in Berlin in the 70s: Low, "Heroes" and Lodger. The publication deals with musical atmospheres, structures and lyrics of the album "Heroes".

Jugendzirkus Tortellini

Countess of Kent

The «Tortellini Youth Circus» travels 150 years to the past with its new production. Queen Victoria is visiting Switzerland incognito in 1868.

Posters, Program booklet, Flyer, Stickers, Coasters, Website

SAH Zentralschweiz
Editorial Design

SAH Annual Report

SAH Zentralschweiz is a social enterprise that places work, education and integration in the foreground and in close connection with each other.